Maritime Nation India 2018- Conference

The objective is to showcase and follow through on the inherent and potential opportunities in the Indian maritime and logistics ecosystem.
In today’s rapidly changing world, we believe conversations around business ecosystems including the maritime and logistics ecosystem, become effective with the participation of the service user, service provider and policy influencer in each conversation.
Maritime Nation India conferences have segmented the maritime and logistics ecosystem into seven clusters and chosen seven themes and interactive business sessions around these clusters to facilitate conversations. Interestingly, constituents of most clusters like the exporters, importers, and shipping lines are also customers or service users of the other clusters like ports and inland depots.
What distinguishes this tradeshow is the proactive participation of industry & trade organisations and the consistent themes of the conversation. Maritime Nation India held on 20-22 September 2018 had seven conferences around the seven industry clusters in themaritime and logistics ecosystem:
• Trade lanes and shipping
• Maritime and logistics infrastructure
• Multi-modal connectivity
• Ship building, ship repair, and ship recycling
• Investments, Finance and M&A
• Technology and training of the human resources
• Cruise and lighthouse tourism
Special Business Sessions- Interactive sessions would be held around key themes in the maritime and logistics sectors, organized by industry chambers and partner organizations.
These will provide an integrated platform for exchange of ideas and networking across various sectors and benefit all participants, including the regulators by providing, insights, best practices and actionable suggestions.
Eminent speakers, policy makers and business leaders participate in the conference, making it a unique opportunity to network with top executives of the exhibiting companies, diplomates and senior government officials from the Ministries of Commerce, Defense, Shipping and transport among various other dignitaries.
Network with delegates from across the academia, Governments and the business world at Maritime Nation India 20-22 September 2018.
Join the three-day conference & benefit from unique insights into the latest Government policy, the present status of maritime and logistics sector and the future prospects.

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